Un disco per l’estate 1969

A record for the summer of 1969

The sixth edition of Un Disco per l'Estate closed with Al Bano's victory with Pensando a te, followed closely by Mario Tessuto with Lisa dagli occhi blu (which was more successful from the sales point of view), and Orietta Berti with L'altalena, who won third place. There were 56 songs in competition at the start, representing as many as 38 different record labels, guaranteeing a valuable media presence for the less famous to make themselves known. There were many big names competing, many of whom made it to the final stage of the competition. Among the 12 that made it to the final evening were also Edda Ollari, Louiselle and Sergio Leonardi, in place of the more popular New Trolls, Milva and Nada, a true revelation at the Festival of Sanremo of that year. Notable among the artists excluded from the final phase were also the very young Fiorella (Mannoia) and the promising Franco Battiato, in addition to Fausto Leali who presented one of the most beautiful songs in the competition that year, Tu non meritavi una canzone.