Signori, musica da ballo!

Ladies and gentlemen, dance music!

78 rpm records arrived in the homes of Italians mainly so that they could indulge their great shared passion: dance. The records themselves confirm this aspect, both from a visual and content point of view: as well as almost always indicating on the label the "rhythm" of the song recorded on them – which almost always corresponded to one dance or another – most of the recordings up to the late 1940s include pieces with very long introductions and equally elaborate orchestral interludes, particularly suitable for dancing. But what was dance music like between the 1930s and the Liberation, before the great explosion of rhythms from overseas? This playlist aims at helping you rediscover them and maybe, inviting you to try a few dance steps to these notes from bygone days.

We’ll listen again to tangos, mazurkas, fox-trots, waltzes and many other rhythms performed by a wide variety of dance orchestras: from Dino Olivieri’s to Maestro Cinico Angelini’s, and ensembles conducted by Cosimo Di Ceglie, Enzo Ceragioli and many others. Sometimes there’s a sung refrain, as was fashionable during the ballroom era: in this case the "refrainista", who was usually a member of the orchestra with a good voice, sings the song’s refrain with the help of a megaphone.

3 - Un ombrello e il tuo cuore

Autore: Rose Stock

Esecutore: EIAR : Orchestra da Ballo Cinico Angelini

Casa discografica: Parlophon

Anno: 1930-1939

4 - Valzer di mezzanotte

Autore: Amodio

Esecutore: Orchestra da Ballo Mariotti

Casa discografica: Odeon

5 - Sguardo sognante

Autore: Semprini

Esecutore: Orchestra Alberto Semprini Alberto Semprini

Casa discografica: Fonit

6 - Niente

Autore: Mascheroni

Esecutore: Orchestra Da Ballo Parlophon

Casa discografica: Parlophon

Anno: 1935

7 - Tango dell'oro

Autore: De_Filippis Rulli

Esecutore: Hollywood Orchestra Raffaele Stocchetti

Casa discografica: Brunswick

8 - Il gallo e la gallina

Autore: Gallo

Esecutore: Orchestra Gallo

Casa discografica: Odeon

9 - La mazurka dell'allegria

Autore: Eusebietti Mor

Esecutore: Orchestra Gai Campagnoli Quartetto vocale Cetra Aldo Masseglia

Casa discografica: Parlophon

10 - Prima di te nessuna

Autore: Gorni Kramer Mario Panzeri Nino Rastelli

Esecutore: Nino Amorevoli Enzo Ceragioli

Casa discografica: Odeon

11 - T'amo cosi'

Autore: Kramer

Esecutore: Quintetto Kramer

Casa discografica: Fonit

12 - Salsiccie calde

Autore: F. Ansaldo

Esecutore: Dino Olivieri

Casa discografica: Grammofono