Se telefonando

Se telefonando - Songs by Ennio Morricone

For Maestro Ennio Morricone’s ninety years, we prepared a playlist of songs written by him. In fact, at the beginning of his artistic career, Morricone, as well as writing film music, also worked regularly as a song arranger and composer, collaborating above all with artists who were connected making records with RCA in Rome. In many cases, the songs were part of a movie soundtrack, such as Tra tanta gente, Nicole, Nel corso, Canzone della libertà, La tua stagione, Angel face, but in other cases the songs were created in a completely original way and unrelated to any movies. And it is precisely in these cases that Morricone tried to experiment and have fun: we just have to think of the noise that provides the background to Pel di carota  by Rita Pavone, the studied harmonies that intersect and chase each other in Se telefonando by Mina, the popular quotations of È tutta robba mia by Luisa [De Santis] and Gabriella [Ferri], to the dissonances of Nel corso  by Gino Paoli. These came from his experience as a composer of contemporary music. But there are also pure melodies, always created with elegance and rigour, such as ll ragazzo di ghiaccio by Dino or Faccio finta di dormire by Edoardo Vianello, where the Maestro used the pseudonym Dansavio, which he also then used to sign some soundtracks.