Scenette comiche

Comic sketches

The comic director has always had a place of honour in repertoires in dialect. This anthology presents some rare finds, telling the story of a genre that was quite popular when records made their appearance and lasting until at least the post-war period, when it was definitively overtaken by cinema. The brief duration of 78 rpms favoured the invention of theatrical and musical gags that borrowed from variety shows and foregrounded colourful expressions, whose basis in dialect often make them untranslatable into Italian. Puns, clichés and catchphrases enjoyed years of popularity, in part thanks to records. Our playlist contains iconic comic sketches, such as those by the Roman Sor Capanna (accompanied by the Pippo Barzizza orchestra), the divo Ettore Petrolini, the great actor Nino Taranto, and the father of Bolognese ballroom dancing Leonildo Marcheselli. Other lesser known performers include the Ciaramella husband and wife team from Naples, Gino Neri, and the troupes who recorded their dialogues in the dialects of Naples, Calabria, Sicily, Abruzzo and Veneto – a provincial Italy that no longer exists. The last piece (‘A risata nova) is a rarity which dates to over a hundred years ago, a remake of the first recorded disc in Italy (1895) by the Neapolitan Berardo Cantalamessa: the original version is a cover – or better, a radical rearrangement – of The Laughing Song by the African-American George W. Johnson; Cantalamessa re-recorded the song in 1907.


1 - Er sor Capanna comico di varietà

Autore: Corsari

Esecutore: Orchestra Cetra Pippo Barzizza Senzani

Casa discografica: Parlophon

2 - Ma el can de chi xelo

Autore: Zenith

Esecutore: Compagnia Comica Veneziana Zenith da Treviso Bergamini R. Mandichi

Casa discografica: Odeon

3 - La sonnambula abruzzese

Autore: Ettore Petrolini

Esecutore: Ettore Petrolini

Casa discografica: Cetra

5 - Scenetta caratteristica di comari

Autore: Guardalobene

Esecutore: Orchestra Ferruzzi G. Neri

Casa discografica: Columbia

6 - Peppi Nappa e lu napulitanu

Autore: C. Magno

Esecutore: Compagnia Comica Triquetra S. De_Gennaro F. Pellegrini

Casa discografica: Grammofono

7 - Scenetta Comica


Esecutore: Ciaramella Roberto

Casa discografica: Columbia

Anno: 1930

8 - Barufete de morosi

Autore: Zenith

Esecutore: Compagnia Comica Veneziana Zenith da Treviso Bergamini R. Mandichi

Casa discografica: Odeon

9 - Matrimoniu sbagghiatu

Autore: Antonino Ajello D'Agata

Esecutore: Orchestra Siciliana di Antonino Ajello Rosa Calaciura

Casa discografica: Durium

10 - Ma guarda che risata

Autore: Barile Gigliati

Esecutore: Mario Festa Nino Taranto

Casa discografica: Fonit

11 - Lo zampognaro abruzzese

Autore: Ribechi

Esecutore: Ribechi

Casa discografica: Edison Bell

12 - 'A Risata Nova

Autore: Cantalamessa

Esecutore: Cantalamessa Berardo

Casa discografica: Ricavata Da Rulli

Anno: 1907