Sanremo  è  Sanremo

Sanremo è Sanremo (Sanremo is Sanremo)

The years pass but the fascination that the Sanremo Festival has for the Italian public seems to know no bounds. The fact that it has reached the eve of its first 70 years does not seem to affect its popularity with all generations, and this very long playlist has been compiled as simply a tribute to a musical event that has accompanied us over time and goes on doing so in the present. Many moments of the country’s history and of all of our personal histories are linked to it. The playlist spans fifty years of festivals without a precise direction, allowing us to discover and rediscover songs that maybe we had forgotten and that we didn't think were linked to their participation in the Festival, because of the success they achieved. First places and last places, eliminations and places of honor, here it is just the songs, with the qualities to move us and remind us that Sanremo is Sanremo.