Roma nella canzone, le canzoni di Roma

Rome in songs, songs about Rome

Here are fifty songs to celebrate the 150th birthday of Rome the capital: songs about the beauty of a city that has bewitched both its inhabitants and foreigners; songs about the neighbourhoods (Trastevere, Testaccio), the piazzas (Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori), the streets in the centre (Via Margutta, Via Rasella), the symbolic places (Trevi Fountain, the Janiculum), the markets (Porta Portese), the Tiber, and the castles. And then there are the romantic serenades, the biting ditties, the stadium anthems, the love stories that ended well and those that ended badly, the old professions, the news and the dream. In this Felliniesque parade are voices of yesterday and today, voices of cinema and theatre, all the finest performers, committed to keeping alive a way of talking that cinema and television have made at least as popular as Neapolitan.

There are just two exceptions: Dean Martin and Abbe Lane, representing a large group of artists won over by the Eternal City who have brought their love to the world. From tavern ‘stornelli’ singers to socially committed singer-songwriters, Rome is also a capital of music that knows how to preserve its past while looking to the future, as Freud already said a hundred years ago. He defined it as “a psychic entity in which nothing that once came into existence has disappeared, and in which all the previous phases continue to exist alongside the most recent phase of development”.