Portami tante rose. Canzoni di Michele Galdieri

Bring me lots of roses. Songs by Michele Galdieri

Michele Galdieri (1902-1965) was a very important figure for the Italian entertainment world, where he worked as a playwright, screenwriter, radio writer and lyrics writer. Son of a writer (his father Rocco was a poet and playwright) Galdieri found himself working in light theatre and then the movies alongside major stars such as Eduardo, Titina and Peppino De Filippo, Anna Magnani, Totò, Wanda Osiris and Odoardo Spadaro; and he was one of the main driving forces behind the transformation of live vaudeville into review theatre and subsequently into musical review, before Garinei & Giovannini, in the 1950s, codified the new genre with the name of musical comedy or musical theatre. His artistic career began in Naples, his city, in 1924, and continued for all three decades to follow, when he also experimented successfully with writing song lyrics. This playlist examines some of the lesser-known compositions of his extensive repertoire, (reserving his greatest hits for another occasion, from Ma l'amore no to Munasterio 'e Santa Chiara) with the exception of the one that gives us our title, Portami tante rose, presented for the first time in a short sequence of the film L’eredità dello zio buonanima, directed by Amleto Palermi in 1934, sung by a male voice whose name was not provided and then recorded by many other artists. Galdieri, as a songwriter, collaborated with many composers, but Dan Caslar (aka Donato Casolaro) was his preferred musician, and with him he wrote many of the compositions on this playlist.

1 - Soltanto un' ora

Autore: Caslar Galdieri

Esecutore: Milly

Casa discografica: Columbia

2 - Mamma sconosciuta

Autore: Galdieri Mancini

Esecutore: Carlo Buti

Casa discografica: Edison Bell

3 - Riviera

Autore: Dan Caslar Galdieri

Esecutore: Orchestra Leardi T. Leardi Mariotti

Casa discografica: Odeon

4 - Dimmi tante cose

Autore: Dan Caslar Galdieri

Esecutore: Orchestra Blue Star Pippo Barzizza Ada Neri

Casa discografica: Fonit

5 - Gioie del primo amore

Autore: Bonavolonta' Galdieri

Esecutore: Ines Talamo

Casa discografica: Columbia

6 - Portami tante rose

Autore: Cesare Andrea Bixio Galdieri

Esecutore: Orchestra Cetra N. Artuffo

Casa discografica: Parlophon

7 - Una notte con le stelle e con te

Autore: Galdieri Ruccione

Esecutore: Crivel

Casa discografica: Piccola Meraviglia

8 - Ti voglio bene in italiano

Autore: Caslar Galdieri

Esecutore: F. Lary

Casa discografica: Columbia

9 - Fu colpa delle rose

Autore: Dan Caslar Galdieri

Esecutore: Orchestra Mariotti M. Bianchi

Casa discografica: Odeon

10 - Senz'amor!

Autore: Dan Caslar Michele Galdieri

Esecutore: Orchestra Olivieri Dino Olivieri Lilia Romano

Casa discografica: Grammofono

11 - Guardo in cielo e son felice!

Autore: Galdieri Tagliaferri

Esecutore: Orchestra Tagliaferri A. Sivoli

Casa discografica: Grammofono

Anno: 1930-1939

12 - Mamma, non dirmi nulla...

Autore: Galdieri Lama

Esecutore: Orchestra Tagliaferri G. Gori

Casa discografica: Grammofono

Anno: 1930-1939

13 - Perche' non sognar

Autore: Galdieri Redi

Esecutore: Giorgio Consolini Lotti

Casa discografica: CGD

14 - Tarantella 'e sole ardente

Autore: Salve D'Esposito Michele Galdieri

Esecutore: Orchestra Zuccheri Ebe De_Paulis Zuccheri

Casa discografica: Fonit