Paesi e paesaggi d’Italia

Villages and landscapes of Italy

Italy has always held a great fascination for foreign visitors since the eighteenth century, when the noble offspring of the European aristocracy traveled far and wide in search of history, beauty and humanity. This collection proposes a trip through Italy in the style of that Grand Tour which left such illustrious testimonials from the likes of Goethe, Byron, Berlioz and Burney. But it does so in a much more prosaic way through songs that – like the old Cantagiro - touch on villages and cities, enchanting valleys and lakes, describing them as if they were musical postcards. Arriving from the North-East, the tourist encounters the Dolomites, today a skiers’ paradise, with La postina della Val Gardena, from the review Made in Italy (by the Garinei-Giovannini-Kramer team, 1954). Then we continue along the Austrian border and the land around Lake Maggiore, divided in half between Piedmont and Lombardy. We then take a spectacular detour to Ascona, in the Canton of Ticino - Giorgio (Lake Maggiore) –mentioned in the hit of 1958 that came second in the Eurovision festival representing Switzerland. We then stop at two Lombard villages that rose to national fame thanks to the Sanremo Festival (1951) – Al mercato di Pizzighettone (CR) - and the movies – I pompieri di Viggiù (VA), 1948.
From the mists of the Po to the Ligurian Riviera, where we stop in Alassio (province of Savona) to capture the symbol that fascinated the international jet set in the late 1950s: Sul muretto d’Alassio (SV) Hemingway, Brigitte Bardot, Frank Sinatra are immortalized ... Then, the Riviera di Ponente, with a stop at the most romantic seaside resort in the North West (Love in Portofino, 1958). Continuing towards Tuscany, here is a centuries-old attraction “that leans that leans / and never falls down”; (Evviva la Torre di Pisa, 1939). Then, a detour to the opposite side and to the city of Forlì, where a certain Eulalia breaks hearts (Eulalia Torricelli, 1946). We continue along the Adriatic coast to Puglia, where we stop in Gioia del Colle (BA), which gave birth to the subject of a famous song (L’onorevole Bricolle, 1948). 
Not far away we can admire the famous cone-shaped houses that characterize the local architecture (I trulli di Alberobello, 1958). Exhausted but emotionally fulfilled, we cross the boot horizontally again to contemplate the wonders of the Campania archipelago, where Capri is the pearl (Qui sotto il cielo di Capri, 1948, from the movie I Pompieri di Viggiù). Our final milestone is the capital, which offers us a trip into a bygone era (Marino, Albano, Ariccia, Nemi...) in a horse-drawn buggy - Nannì (Una gita a li castelli), 1927.

1 - La Postina Della Val Gardena

Autore: Kramer Garinei Giovannini

Esecutore: Jaione Clara

Casa discografica: Cetra

Anno: 1954

2 - Giorgio Del Lago Maggiore

Autore: Burkhard Tschudi Panzeri

Esecutore: Christian Gloria

Casa discografica: Vis Radio

Anno: 1958

3 - Al Mercato Di Pizzighettone

Autore: Ravasini Locatelli

Esecutore: Togliani Achille Duo Fasano

Casa discografica: Cetra

Anno: 1951

4 - I Pompieri Di Viggiu'

Autore: Fragna A Rastelli N

Esecutore: Jaione Clara

Casa discografica: Cetra

Anno: 1948

5 - Sul muretto d'Alassio

Autore: Di_Ceglie Giacobetti

Esecutore: Orchestra Angelini Angelini Carla Boni Gino Latilla

Casa discografica: Cetra

6 - Love In Portofino

Autore: Buscaglione Chiosso

Esecutore: Buscaglione Fred

Casa discografica: Cetra

Anno: 1958

7 - Evviva La Torre Di Pisa

Autore: Casiroli Rastelli

Esecutore: Latilla Mario

Casa discografica: Columbia

Anno: 1939

8 - Eulalia Torricelli

Autore: Nisa Olivieri D. Redi P.

Esecutore: Beccaria Gigi

Casa discografica: Cetra

Anno: 1946

9 - L'onorevole Bricolle

Autore: Fragna Morbelli

Esecutore: Villa Claudio

Casa discografica: Da supporto 78 giri PARLOPHON TT 9181

Anno: 1948

10 - I Trulli Di Alberobello

Autore: Bindi Ciocca

Esecutore: Duo Fasano

Casa discografica: Cetra

Anno: 1958

11 - Qui Sotto Il Cielo Di Capri

Autore: Bonagura Fragna

Esecutore: Consolini Giorgio

Casa discografica: Cgd

Anno: 1949

12 - Nanni (Na Gita A Li Castelli)

Autore: Silvestri Petrolini

Esecutore: Petrolini Ettore

Casa discografica: Disco Grammofono

Anno: 1927