Lascia ultimo ballo per me

Save the last dance for me 

Seasonal dances were a constant in the “Fabulous Sixties”: new fashions arrived year after year and reached a peak in summer. They caught fire in Italy too, sparking enthusiasm among the younger generations and many others: taken from the movies and TV as well, these songs were the best representation of that new wind that was blowing over a country eager to align itself with the rest of the modern world. The collection covers about a decade of songs connected to the same number of more or less ephemeral dances: while the Cha cha cha (which exploded in the 1950s) and the Twist stood the test of time to become 'eternal', like the samba and slow dances, the Madison and Hully Gully enjoyed a popularity limited to a few seasons, and like Surf or Sirtaki, their popularity soon waned. All the major groups and singers ventured into the ephemeral, and in some cases (Mina, for example) achieved better results than the original. While the covers are in Italian in most cases, in some exceptions, the songs are interpreted in the original language, as with Mina again, or Marcellos Ferial, Italians passing