Da Malaga a Detroit.

From Malaga to Detroit. A Memory of Fred Bongusto

With the death of Fred Bongusto (1935-2019) one of the greatest confidential singers in Italian song history is gone. From the nightclub, where he took his first highly applauded steps, he became internationally popular, especially in South America and Brazil, which became his second artistic home at a certain point in his career. Bongusto took part in all the most important Italian musical events, from the Sanremo Festival (four editions) to the Naples Festival, from Canzonissima to Un Disco per l'Estate, which he won in 1966 with Prima c’eri tu. Ever a fan of the classic Neapolitan song, it was in Neapolitan that Buongusto composed two of his greatest hits, Doce doce and Frida, renewing the golden season of the Neapolitan song of the 1950s and eventually performing, again in Neapolitan, one of the masterpieces of French song, Les feuilles mortes, that became Che sera triste, che chiaro ‘e luna. Television was full of his hits, as was cinema, for which he wrote numerous soundtracks, from Malizia and  Peccato veniale by Salvatore Samperi to Venga a prendere il caffè da noi by Alberto Lattuada. In short, a well-rounded protagonist of Italian song, who will be remembered for his warm, sensual and participatory tone of voice, and the impeccable elegance with which he performed, highly appreciated by the public that has always followed him with an affection that has remained unchanged over the years.