Ciao Burt!

Hello burt!  - Bacharach in Italia - 1

In 1958, when Perry Como’s version of Magic Moments climbed to the top of the international charts, the world began to notice Burt Bacharach, a young (age 30) song composer. In a few years, around the mid-1960s, he became established as one of the most prestigious songwriters of successful pieces. His original and elegant compositional style, with widespread appeal, earned him a permanent place in the collective memory. The songs by Bacharach (who especially favoured female vocals and particularly those of Dionne Warwick) had numerous versions in many languages, and in Italy too there were several. Moreover, his arranging style, which exalted subtle but very effective interventions for trumpets, had a great influence on the Italian arrangers of the period, who adopted various stylistic features. This first playlist of his covers in Italian, ranging from 1958 to 1969, convincingly enhances the beauty of his musical writing.

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01. MIRANDA MARTINO - Magic moments (Bacharach-Nisa-Calibi) - 1958

[Magic Moments/ Perry Como, 1957]

02. ADRIANO CELENTANO – Stai lontana da me (Bacharch-Hilliard-Mogol) –

1962 [Tower Of Strenght/Gene McDaniels, 1961]

03. ORNELLA VANONI – Non dirmi niente (Bacharach-David-Mogol) - 1964

[Don’t Make Me Over/Dionne Warwick, 1962)

04. MAL – Bambolina (Bacharch-Hilliard-Panesis) – 1968

[Any Day Now/Chuck Jackson, 1962)

05. GIUSY ROMEO [Giuni Russo] – I primi minuti (Bacharach-David-Calabrese) - 

1968 [I Say A Little Prayer/Dionne Warwick, 1967]

06.JENNY LUNA – Non mi pentirò (Bacharach-David-Cassia) - 1964

[Walk On By/Dionne Warwick, 1964]

07. GIANNI MORANDI – Il mondo con i tuoi occhi (Bacharch-David-Bardotti-

Cassia) [(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me/Lou Johnson, 


08. PATTY PRAVO – Gocce di pioggia su di me (Bacharach-David-Minellono) – 1970 [Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Billy Joe Thomas, 1969]

09. NICOLA DI BARI – Ti tendo le braccia (Bacharach-David-Cassia) - 1965

[Reach Out For Me/Lou Johnson, 1963]

10. DON BACKY – Amico (Bacharch-Hilliard-Don Backy-Mogol) – 1963

[Keep Away From Other Girls/Helen Shapiro, 1962

11. RITA MONICO – Quando tu vorrai (Bacharach-David-Catra) - 1965

[What The World Needs Now Is Love/Jackie De Shannon, 1965]

12. TONY RENIS – Un ragazzo che ti ama (Bacharach-David-Boncompagni-

Mogol) – 1969 [This Guy’s In Love With You/Herp Albert & The Tijuana 

Brass, 1968)