Canti e canzoni di Natalei

Christmas Carols and Songs

Eighty Christmas songs from all eras, in recordings ranging from the 1950s to the third millennium: this is the menu of this long playlist in which both Italian and foreign traditional repertoire classics flow together, pop hits reinterpreted by great artists and one hit wonders, sometimes in the original language as well, and many original auteur songs that use Christmas as an excuse to explore the human soul. The order of the songs also offers a glimpse into the history of modern song: around Christmas you'll find many of the genres and styles typical of the last sixty years: the Neapolitan song, musical comedy, folk revival, simple children's tunes, the consumer song, and the most challenging, bel canto, and globally inspired pop and soul. 

The long playlist is a themed soundtrack whose duration exceeds that of a normal playlist and offers the possibility to further explore a type of music or lyrics, a style, a historical period, an event etc. including discographic pearls and rarities of the past and present, alongside better-known pieces.