Ascolta nel vento

Ascolta nel vento - The Italian beat 2

The electric guitars of Italian beat were not only able to present aggressive riffs and enthralling rhythms in their music, but they were also able to accompany gentle love songs that made it clear that those eccentric kids with long hair and colourful attire were not indifferent to the charm of a sentimental ballad aimed at some love interest. Some critics grimaced, but then the Beatles and the Rolling Stones (for example with Michelle and As Tears Go By) had also shown that the delicate love songs that intertwined couples danced to at parties took nothing away from the more rhythmic, heavier repertoire that made their music successful, even showing that guitars could also be accompanied by a string section that went heavy on the violins. And so here they are in a row, the heroes of Italian beat, whispering sweet words of love, including the two beat girls par excellence, Patty Pravo and Caterina Caselli.